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Friday, January 22, 2016

Chipotle Englewood Interstate 70 exit 29, then south by Meijer

  Believe it or not, I had never been to a Chipotle restaurant before this date.  I guess I simply thought of it as a place with expensive, huge burritos.  I'll admit that all of the recent negative press regarding people getting sick there made me curious.  We went to the Englewood location, right next to Meijer.  I explained that I had never eaten there before, and they were very helpful.  In fact, they gave us the meal for free, so that was excellent customer service going above and beyond what was expected.  Up front I was a little bit surprised at what seemed like a lack of menu choices, but then I realized that customers could customize the burrito, bowls or salads a number of different ways.

  I was very surprised by how unfinished the interior was - the place sort of looked like they had stopped halfway through construction.

Right next to our table, I saw what appeared to be a sort of pegboard, plus plenty of plywood.  Again, not at all what I expected.  It sort of gives you a feeling that the place is in the middle of being refurbished.  They had music playing in the background.  I should probably really say that it was essentially playing in the 'foreground', because some of the songs were so loud at times that it almost made conversation difficult.  At least they had a variety of songs playing while we were there, not all from the same genre.

  We decided to try out the barbacoa burritos. (thanks to a recent episode of Primal Grill on PBS, I now know that barbacoa is the Spanish word that gave us the word barbecue)  I was trying to decide between this and the steak burrito, and they told me this wasn't as spicy.  Before getting started on the burrito, I tried out the guacamole with some tortilla chips.  I felt that the guacamole was excellent.

  The burrito did not disappoint.  Upon opening the foil, I was a bit surprised that it looked in some ways more like a potato.  I think that I would prefer it to be longer and thinner, which would be easier to eat.  The meat was good, and the quantity huge.  Really, I think this would fill up just about anyone who hadn't been fasting or skipped a couple of meals.  I was just barely able to finish mine, and that's probably because I didn't have much of anything for breakfast.

  Here you can look over the Chipotle menu

Here you can see the calories for menu items

  Overall, I guess it was about what I expected.  A very large quantity of excellent quality food, and prices maybe ~ two or three times that of Taco Bell.  For the music, I think I would like things a bit more mellow, not as loud, and perhaps with some more instrumental music here and there.  The food was a little on the spicy side for me, but that's nothing new when talking about Mexican food.

Chipotle Englewood Ohio
quantity - 10/10     quality - 9/10      music - 7/10       decor - 7.5/10       taste - 8/10

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