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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Original Rib House in Vandalia

 I have driven past this place several times over in Vandalia, but never stopped by to eat until this week.

  They have a sort of local history vibe, with many photos of the National Trapshooting association (which used to be right next door), as well as lots of photos of the airport, which used to be on North Dixie Drive.  It turns out that the owner had an ancestor that worked for one of the early airplane companies at what eventually became known as Dayton International Airport.  I always enjoy learning a bit of local history when I stop by places.  I just wish that the photos had some captions.

  The owner also verified that the place used to be a Frish's Big Boy, and he has owned the location for about 32 years now.  It has a bar in the back, and a sit down slow food restaurant in the front. (as opposed to fast food)  Interiors make you think of the 70's, and could use some updating.

  Caesar Salad with Sirloin and Bleu Cheese for $11.  Rated an 8 out of 10.

  The day's special, 1/4 pound of Walleye with sides of onion rings (more like strings, but a lot of them, and very tasty!), plus the sauteed mushrooms.  The mushrooms were also very tasty, but perhaps a tiny bit too salty.  The walleye really hit the spot, and I appreciate that they offered it broasted, without breading.  This meal was also about $11, and I would give it a 7.5 out of 10.  Taste was very good, but I feel it should have been a dollar or two less for a daily lunch special.

  Overall, it seems like a good place in a nice location near I-75.  The quality of food is better than I expected, and you can choose between the more private bar setting in the back, or the more open restaurant in the front.  I think the place would be greatly improved with some colorful painting, especially to update the look of the restaurant in front, which appears a bit worn.  The restrooms are very small, but were quite clean.

address: 275 East National Road   Vandalia, Ohio 45377
telephone: (937) 898-4601
hours: Sun. Noon-8,  Mon.-Thur. 4pm-10, Fri. & Sat. 4pm - 11:30pm

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