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Monday, July 1, 2013

Brookville Grille

    The Brookville Grille is a fast food nostalgia diner, located in the Brookville Plaza.  When I first ate here a couple of years back, there was a working jukebox.  Unfortunately, the jukebox has been removed, evidently because the kids couldn't stay off of it.

   Even so, the interior walls are chock full of advertisements and articles from yesteryear.

   The place has a salvaged counter, and even a soda (or as we say around here, pop!) fountain.  Unfortunately, someone decided to stick an ultra modern high def flat screen tv up on the wall, which really jars you out of any imagined trip back to the 40's.  At least they didn't have the volume turned up loud.  It would have been really cool if they could have grabbed one of these instead, and combined it with a set top tuner that was out of sight, to match the other decor:

  While I was looking over the menu, I spoke with the owner, Jeff.  He said that the neon ice cream sign, as well as their ice cream making equipment came from the Shearer's Ice Cream shop that used to be located on route 48 in north Dayton.  I remember driving past that place and trying their ice cream back in the early 90's.  After looking over the menu, I decided to try something I'd never had before: a "pretzel-wurst", for $6.49.  It is described as a pretzel roll with sauerkraut, swiss cheese, onions and a bratwurst patty.  I also had a bit of an appetite, so I also requested a BLT for $3.89, and a cherry coke, which they made by adding cherry syrup to a regular coke.

  I ended up eating the BLT first, because the pretzel-wurst was so hot that I almost burned myself.  The bacon was crispy, and there was enough of it to compare favorably to what I would make at home.  I was surprised to find the bread toasted, which I usually don't do when I make them, but then again, I could have been proactive and asked for it not to be toasted, and I didn't.  The taste was good, the texture fine.  The tomatoes, like many places, were pink and firm, but not really ripe.  It would be great if they could get truly ripe, red tomatoes from a local place during the summer for these.  The main annoyance with this sandwich was that the lettuce was shredded, instead of in full leaves.  Because of this, it fell all over the place while I was eating, and was messy.  They could save themselves some preparation time and give a better sandwich experience by simply putting on a few sandwich sized leaves of lettuce.

  After I had finished the BLT, I tackled the pretzel-wurst.  Truly, at first I thought it was a boneless pork chop.  The texture is very firm, and not much like the sausage bratwurst we are used to.  However, the flavor is similar.  I'm wondering if it simply doesn't have as much fat as the sausage link variety does.  This was a very filling, meaty meal, and I can certainly see how customers could get used to the pretzel wurst.  The owner told me that they once removed it from the menu, but had so many regulars complain that they brought it back.

Brookville Grille
address: 428 N Wolf Creek St.  Brookville, Ohio
telephone: (937) 833-1940

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