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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rattlesnake Chili, Old West Fest

  Have you ever had a hankering to taste rattlesnake?  I'm guessing that most folks think it would be more likely for a snake to take a bite out of them than the other way around.  However, I was down at the Old West Fest recently, and came across Grub Slingers Food.  It was pretty hard to resist a sign saying "Rattlesnake Chili", but since I don't handle pepper spice particularly well, I had to ask if the name meant that it just had a hot pepper bite, or if it really had rattlesnake in there.

  The proprietor told me that the chili doesn't have a lot of heat, at least not on the way down.  He also explained that the chili does indeed contain a mix of chorizo sausage and real rattlesnake.  That sold me, so I tried a bit.  The flavor had some slight sweetness up front, followed by a moderately salty taste of tomato and meat.  I would say that this chili would be fine even for those who stay away from hot peppers, and it made me long for the Chili King restaurant that I used to dine at occasionally on Main Street just north of downtown Dayton. (BTW, if anybody has a photo of the old Chili King restaurant, I'd love to see it - I never thought to take a picture when I ate there)

  For those who haven't heard much about it, the Old West Fest is a festival that happens on weekends.  It has similarities to Renaissance Festivals, but is set 300-500 years later.  The Old West Festival is themed on Dodge City in 1878.  There are still 3 weekends when folks can attend, through October 7.  Location is east of Cincinnati, route 32. (Appalachian Highway)  Adult tickets at the gate are $12, and kids are $6.  The festival would probably provide most folks with about 4-6 hours of entertainment.

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