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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jerri's Restaurant, Englewood

  If you have ever gone to the library in Englewood (Northmont branch), you have been right next to this place.  Jerri's is in the Englewood shopping center, next to Kmart and the Englewood Cinema.  I have driven by it dozens of times, but never took notice of it until they purchased a sign and put it out by route 40 saying they were open for business.

   This place was a very pleasant dining experience.  From the Frank Sinatra background music played at just the right volume to the excellent food, I would have to say that it qualifies as a hidden gem.  Even the bathrooms were clean.  The men's restroom, by the way, had numerous metal nostalgia signs up, including several comic book covers.  I believe they may have one of the best Superman comic book covers I've ever seen up on the wall there - I think it was #41, but my memory may be off.

  Anyway, we had a bit of time one afternoon and decided to try Jerri's out for lunch.  The inside is rather plain and not too large, but there was enough room for almost a dozen tables.  They are open every day except Sunday, and they have a different special every weekday.  Monday is Swiss steak, Tuesday pork tenderloin, Wednesday meat loaf, Thursday chicken fettucini and Friday is ocean perch.

  After looking over the menu, I almost selected the perch, which was the special of the day.  However, I picked the chicken teriyaki served over rice instead.  I also got some mashed potatoes as a side, and added an order of onion rings.  I've always hoped to find a place that serves onion rings like they make at the county fairs.  They also offered cans of pop with the meals, and I believe they were a dollar each - pretty reasonable.

  The food took about 15 minutes to arrive from when we ordered.  I may have been a bit hungrier than usual, but I can safely say that the chicken teriyaki was excellent - probably the best I have had.  The roll was a typical white bread roll, and probably the only aspect of the meal that I could suggest improvement to. (a choice of rye or whole wheat roll would be greatly appreciated)  The mashed potatoes were also better than average, with a yummy and slightly sweet gravy.  The onion rings weren't the large sized fairground type, but at least they were not made from "pieces parts" like they are at some places.

  I left Jerri's very satisfied with the service and food.  There was enough to fill me up for lunch even though I hadn't had much to eat for breakfast.  If you are in the area, you might want to consider a combination meal and movie.  Jerri's is only about a 30 second stroll down the sidewalk from the Englewood Cinema, which shows movies for only $1.50 on Tuesdays.

Jerri's Restaurant
address: 320 west National Road
Telephone: 832-2765
hours: M-F 11-7,   Sat. 11-3

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