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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Broadway Cafe, Trotwood

  We stopped off at the Broadway Cafe for lunch.  I have passed by probably 8 or 9 times, and they always seem to have a loyal fan base.  This was my second time eating here.  It has a brick interior, and is part of a very small strip mall on the west side of the street. (Union Road becomes Broadway)  After parking, I noticed something that is a little unusual in this day and age - one of the businesses is a training facility for boxers.

  Visually, the place looks clean and tidy, though I did notice a bit of something sticky on the table.  I was surprised at how much carryout business the place is evidently getting - quite a few folks came in to pick up orders while we were eating.

  I learned a bit of local history as well - another benefit of the customization that is possible with locally owned restaurants.   This is a true "mom & pop" style place.  I had seen a camping trailer once that said "Trotwood" on the back, but I assumed someone had just added that on.  It turns out that there was actually a Trotwood Trailer company, which made recreational camping trailers for decades starting in about 1930.  If you eat at the Broadway Cafe, you can learn about some of the history of the company from various wall displays.

or you can read more here:

  It took about 18-20 minutes for all of the food to come out, which is about average.  Some of the breakfast specials I've seen advertised are very inexpensive, and the overall prices here are decent.  There are daily specials, plus the menus have additional ways to save, such as buy 4 subs, get 1 free.

  If you get the "chix rice", which turned out to be a rice soup with chicken, you may want to tell them to dial down the spices a notch.  I've had it twice here, and the first time it was almost too spicy for me to finish.  The second time I stopped by and tried it, it was fine.  Perhaps the first time someone just put a bit more of the spices in than normal.

  The mushroom & swiss burger had some huge mushroom slices on top, but not quite as much cheese as I would have liked.  The beef patty gave the impression that they made it up from scratch, which is the way I like it. (instead of a frozen patty from some multi-pack)  The reuben surprised me in the other direction - more cheese than I expected, and beef instead of ham.  It turns out that I grew up eating a variation of the classic reuben sandwich - my Mom typically made it with a slice of ham with Swiss cheese and sauerkraut on rye bread.  However, since the menu did not list the ingredients, I had to look it up when I was surprised.  It turns out that a classic Reuben typically has corned beef or pastrami, and not the ham I was used to.

  I'll definitely go back, and next time I'm trying one of their calzones.

Broadway Cafe
203 North Broadway, Trotwood
(937) 837-6555
Sunday 7-9
Mon.-Thur 7-10
Fri.-Sat. 7-11

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