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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thanks for your clicks - they help feed the hungry!

  Have you ever wondered what happens to the Google Adsense pennies earned when you kind folks click advertisements on this website?

  At least half (50%) of it goes to charity.  This year I've picked as the recipient.  Your clicks have helped provide 300 dollars worth of help to destitute folks in Honduras.  What I truly like about the Heifer project is that they don't just hand out food once.  Doing that helps a bit short term, but doesn't do anything to help solve the long term problem.

  Instead, Heifer helps people with education, tools and animals.  Yes, animals!  They provide everything from bees to apple trees, sheep to hens, and the training to properly raise them.  Over time, a single apple tree can provide a lot of food for a family.  Bees can provide honey, hens give eggs, and sheep provide wool.  The animals also reproduce, which means that the size of the flock can increase.  All of these can not only make the difference between a family going hungry, but with a little work the family can sell some of the eggs, honey, etc., lifting the family out of poverty.

  Most of us here in the U.S. can regularly enjoy going out and enjoying a variety of restaurants.  However, lots of folks across the world struggle just to have enough to eat.  Before you go out to eat the next time, I'd like to invite you to help take part in this program.  Your clicks have already helped the folks down in Honduras, and I thank you very much for that.  I'd like to challenge you to go a step further, however.  Would you be willing to donate the amount you might spend on eating out the next time to help change a family's future - even if it is just $10?

  If so, please take a moment to look over some of the current giving opportunities.  Thank you very much!

Select a specific outreach:

Donate a particular animal:

According to BBB wise, 79% of donations go to programs, 15% to fundraising, and
6% to administrative.  Heifer has helped over 13 million hungry families since 1944.

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