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Monday, August 15, 2011

Marion's Piazza - 46% off this week

  If you are new to the Dayton area, or somehow have only enjoyed pizza from a national chain previously, consider trying out Marion's Piazza.  Marion's is a small local chain of pizza places, complete with arcade.  Marion's was a go to place for various TV personalities in the 60's & 70's when they visited Dayton, and on the wall you will likely recognize some of them.  I would go into more detail, but I reviewed Marion's just last year.

  I got to enjoy a couple of pizzas at Marion's yesterday, when a group of folks met there after church.  I'll admit that normally paying almost $30 for a couple of pizzas puts them out of my everyday price range.  However, once a year Marion's has a huge "percent off" sale to celebrate their anniversary.  This year, the savings amounts to 46% off up to two pizzas, with coupon - almost half off!  It was great seeing the price on the receipt go from $29.xx (with tax) down to about $15.

  In the past they have had this sale on one day only, which meant that you had to be willing to brave up to 3 hour long lines in order to enjoy the big discount.  This year Marion's is trying something different.  Instead of just offering the discount on a single day, they are allowing folks to come in on several.  The discount is available, with coupon, from Sunday the 14th through Thursday the 18th.  I'm happy to report that my wait time yesterday was about 7 minutes to place my order, and a grand total of about 20 minutes before we got our pizza.  The place was pretty busy, but there were a few open tables.  Be prepared to bus (and perhaps even wipe down) your own table, because some folks leave all of their things behind at the table, and the restaurant staff is a bit overwhelmed.

  Since we had too much pizza to eat in one sitting, I boxed up the pizza.  I noticed that they have an interesting guarantee:

  If you buy your pizza and it is burned, undercooked, doesn't seem to have enough toppings, or for whatever reason you just don't like it after trying it, they will make you another one, free of charge.  However, you have to call them right away, on the same day.  Plus, you can't have eaten more than 1/4 of the pizza - no eating all but one piece, then calling to say you weren't satisfied with it.  I'm glad to see them placing this prominently on every box.

  Keep in mind that Marion's is CASH ONLY - no credit cards.  They also have one line for ordering pizzas, another line for picking up your order, and a third line to order drinks, so that may be a bit different than what you are used to.

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  1. Here is a link to the latest Activedayton poll:

    I am sorry to say that Marion's in leading. Only the people that grew up in this town love Marion's... come on Dayton, grow up! Just because that is where your softball team went for pizza when you were twelve does not make it the best in town. Their pizza is ketchup on cardboard and their claw machine is still stealing your allowance.

  2. We bought the paper just to get this coupon and it wasn't in there. :( We bought the Saturday paper. Maybe we got the days mixed up?? Wonder if they would just let us copy this one to use??