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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Company 7 Barbecue

  Company 7 Barbecue could easily be filed into my "round tuit" file - meaning that I've meant to get around to it for quite a while.  I actually first visited the place way back before it opened, in early December of last year.  I was just going to leave a note, and found the doors open.  I went inside and got a quick tour before anyone had eaten there.  Although I meant to drop by for a meal several times, this was the first time that it worked out.

  One of the things that impressed me the most was that diners are greeted with a choice upon entering.  In a hurry, and need to be served quickly and with minimal wait and service?  Then go through the quick service line, which reminds me a lot of a cafeteria lunch line. (the food has still been slow barbecued for hours and hours, ahead of time)  Do you have plenty of time and desire full service?  If so, head over to the smaller bar area, which has the feel of a sports bar, complete with big screen TV's.  This area is bright and the music is louder.

  The service here is excellent - when one of our drinks was drained, they noticed almost immediately, swooped in and refilled it, without us having to wait or even ask!  I love the "six alarm" numbered regional barbecue sauces.  While you might think that they progressively have more heat, only number 6 seemed to have much pepper heat.

  The place has a firehouse theme, which works well considering that this is a barbecue place.  The family that owns it had several generations as volunteer firemen, and also made emergency responder equipment as a family business.  Barbecues were common at the firehouse, and after they sold the family business, they decided to open up a firehouse themed restaurant.  A couple of their barbecue sauces have placed as high as #2 at national barbecue cookoffs.

  I ordered a large beef brisket, with a side seafood salad and side of sweet potatoes.  I decided to start out with the sweet potatoes, which were fantastic, and did the name justice!  They were so creamy and tasted like they had plenty of brown sugar.  Afterwards, I felt like I didn't really need any dessert.  I then proceeded to the seafood salad, which had just a bit of crunch.  It had just a tad more salt than I am used to, but I think perhaps I have just been paying a bit more attention to my salt and sugar intake.  Really, it was some of the best seafood salad that I've had, and I didn't expect that at a barbecue place.

  The large beef brisket was sliced into about 5 slices per inch, with a nice sized serving.  When I attempted to pull pieces off with my fork, the meat came apart in large, succulent flakes.  It was fun trying out the various barbecue sauces on the meat.

  The facility is also very clean and tidy, and has an arcade. (I enjoyed a game of air hockey)  I noticed that they have an open mic night Friday evenings, and on Saturday evenings they have a live band.  They also have a weekday lunch special Mondays through Fridays from 11 to 2, for just $5.50.  This includes a sandwich, chips & pickle spear.  You have your choice of smoked sausage, sliced turkey, pulled chicken, sliced beef brisket or pulled pork.  This would be a very inexpensive way to try out some of their selections.

hours: Sun. 11-7,   Mon.-Thur. 11-9,   Fri. & Sat. 11-10
address: 1001 S. Main St. (route 48) Englewood  (SW corner intersection Main & Wenger Rd.)
telephone: 937-836-2777