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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

$100,000 Build a Better Burger contest

  I thought I would pass this along, in case any of you would like to win $100,000 in cash.  If you think you have a creative, original recipe for a burger that not only tastes but looks good, then why not enter?

  Enter the contest by clicking under "Enter Your Recipe Here".  Even if you don't win, they have over 5,000 different burger recipes in their database, so it might be something interesting to try on your grill.  If you enter and win, please let us know!

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ponderosa - new breakfast buffet

  When I think of buffets, I usually think of Ponderosa first.  This is probably because, through high school at least, Ponderosa was the buffet/steakhouse we visited more than others.  There used to be Ponderosa Steakhouses all over the place - western Xenia, main street in Dayton, Springfield, down near the Dayton Mall, and elsewhere.  When I was in college, I actually wrote an economics paper about John Kluge, who owned Orion Pictures and the Ponderosa chain at the time.

  A lot of folks don't realize this, but the Ponderosa chain was founded in 1963 by Dan Blocker, who played "Hoss" Cartwright on Bonanza. (company headquarters were located in Dayton, Ohio in 1965)  The ranch on the show was called the Ponderosa, and that is where the restaurants get their name.  The early restaurants capitalized on their connection to the show.  Walls featured pictures of horses and the wild west, while servers dressed to fit the wild west theme.  At one point, the chain had grown to 600 restaurants.  Like Ryan's Steakhouses, many of the Ponderosa restaurants have disappeared, likely falling victim to higher food costs, changing eating trends, and several "mega buffets" such as Golder Corral.

  Even so, there are still a couple of Ponderosa restaurants in the Dayton area: one in Englewood just off of Main Street, and another in the Beavercreek area on Airway Road.  I recently heard that the Englewood location has added a breakfast buffet, and the Airway location will be adding this over the summer.  Evidently just about everybody seems to think there is enough of a breakfast demand to add breakfast choices.  We will see if this market gets oversaturated.

  We got some coupons directly from the company in a mass mailing of coupons, so we decided to try out the breakfast buffet.  Unfortunately, they would not honor their own coupons - one of which offered discounted kids meals with each adult buffet purchase.  Their reasoning seemed to be that they were willing to discount the more expensive lunch and supper meals, but not the less expensive breakfast one.  That seemed very strange to me.  Why would you be willing to sell the more expensive meal for a dollar or two (kids discounted meal), but not the less expensive one?  Anyway, the experience left a bad taste in my mouth, so we went and ate elsewhere that week.  Just keep in mind, if you have coupons, even coupons that the company sends to you, they may construe ways not to honor them.

  I went back about a month later, when I was no longer annoyed over the coupon issue, and finally got around to trying their breakfast buffet, which was only $5.  I was not impressed with the eggs, which were quite bland and tasteless - almost reminded me of a yellowish, pale tofu.  There was a mixture of hash browns and eggs that had a buttermilk flavor that I enjoyed a bit more.  Bacon was a surprise, nice and crispy, so I went back for seconds.  I only wish that it had been smoked and peppered bacon, instead of the honey variety.  The sausage didn't have enough "sow" or enough sage.  What I mean by that is that it was one of the fattiest sausage links I have ever had anywhere, and seemed to be more lard than meat.  I did not get seconds, and feel that they need to offer some leaner choices.

  The buffet also has muffins, bagels, various breads, pancakes and cereals.  If your ticker is in good shape, you might even be adventurous and try their sausage and gravy.  The selection is actually pretty decent for 5 bucks, and I think they would have to charge a couple of dollars more to throw in much else.  I couldn't resist getting a delicious looking danish, and was surprised when it turned out to be almost as tasty as a homemade apple pie!  If you're not interested in that, they have almost half a dozen varieties of fresh fruit as well.

Final Verdict: Ponderosa's breakfast buffet is a pretty good value, but don't go expecting lean meats.  This would probably be a good choice for an informal group trying to keep costs down, but wanting to eat out without waiting in line or for the food to be prepared.  In other words, a good choice if you have kids.  This is a good step for Ponderosa in trying to diversify their menu.  On the downside, the interior of the Englewood location looked rather tired - water spots on the ceiling, and rust on the pillars outside.  It could definitely use a remodel.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Dairy Queen

  I recently visited Dairy Queen for the first time in a while.  There was (and still is) one out on the edge of the small town where I grew up, on the main street going through town east to west.  It was hard to go through town without going past it, which means they picked a good spot for their store.  We probably went there 2 or 3 times a month, usually for milk shakes, cones or a Mr. Misty icy drink. (grape, kiwi strawberry or a mix of all the flavors were my favorites)  I also remember after a visit to the veterinarian, we would take our dog Frisky to the Dairy Queen nearby, and get her a 15c tiny cone.  Ah, those were the days.  Of course, that really just makes me feel old, because I don't think much of anything is under a dollar any more, much less 15 cents.

  Anyway, I found myself at a local Dairy Queen and decided to indulge myself for once with a strawberry milkshake.  I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to strawberries and milkshakes.  I grew up on a farm that raised several acres of strawberries, so I know what good fresh picked ones taste like.  I've also made plenty of milkshakes, some using both home grown strawberries and homemade ice cream.  Maybe it is partly because I've been avoiding dessert for a while, but this strawberry milkshake was pretty darn good.  It was a bit thick, though, to the point where I wasn't sure why they give you a straw, and not a spoon.  I had to ask for a spoon so I could enjoy it.  That being said, though, it was very flavorful, and I could definitely tell there were quality strawberries in there.

  As the weather warms up, I may be tempted to finally try one of their Blizzards!  Speaking of them, I hear that if you sign up for the "Blizzard Fan Club" here, you'll get several buy 1 get 1 free offers through the year:

  If you're up in the NW Dayton area, anywhere around Brookville, you can get 5 $10 gift certificates to the Brookville Dairy Queen for just $25, and a few bucks for shipping.  Good deal if you think you'll spend $50 on ice cream over the summer, or if you just want several $10 gift certificates to give as gifts.  You can get this offer here:

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