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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Burkey Family Restaurant, near Hara Arena

  I'm fairly decent at making eggs, french toast, pancakes and such, so I normally eat breakfast at home.  However, sometimes I just feel like having somebody else make it for me, so we went out for breakfast.  We decided to give Burkey Family Restaurant our business this morning.  As you might guess from the name, this is not a chain.

  Just about the first thing you'll see when you go in the door are the pies and cakes.  They have lots of them behind glass there, tempting you.  I resisted this time, because I'm trying to lose a little weight.

  Interior is clean, and there was no background music playing.  Bathrooms were decent.  While we were there, there were perhaps 4 other tables occupied in the late morning.

  Although I almost picked one of the breakfast specials, such as the breakfast burrito for $4.75, or "Elmo's Mess" just because of the funny name, I decided to try "Rob's Deluxe" because it offered a variety for $7.95.  Specifically, it had choice of pancakes or French toast, choice of ham, bacon or sausage, home fries and two eggs.  I selected French toast and sausage.  Mrs. Dayton Dining picked the cheddar cheese, broccoli & bacon open face omelette with toast for $5, plus a coffee.  She said that the omelette had a lot of cheese, and the bacon gave it excellent flavor.  She also said that the coffee was good.

   Food arrived after about a 10 minute wait.  My French toast was a bit thicker than I'm used to.  I believe this was because they used something along the lines of Texas Toast to make it.  There was nothing wrong with it, it just wasn't exactly what I'm used to when I do it at home.  The sausage patties were seasoned well, and had a good sage taste.  The home fries were pretty much potatoes sliced like quadruple thick potato chips.  They were fine, but a bit dry.  I think I would have enjoyed some garlic butter or olive oil drizzled over them, along with some spices such as mild curry.  I had the 2 eggs over easy, and used some of the home fries to mop up the runny centers.

  They also have an all you can eat Sunday Brunch, from 8a to 1p, for $7.95.

Location:  670 Shiloh Springs Rd  Dayton, Ohio 45415  (just to the east from Hara Arena)
Hours: Sunday 7a -8p, Mon.-Sat. 7a-9p
Telephone:  (937) 275-7127

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