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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Larosa's Pizzeria

  Back in 2002, the regional chain Larosa's opened its first Dayton area location in Centerville.  Today there are 5 locations in the Dayton area.  The focus is on pizza, but they also serve hoagies, pasta, soup and salads.

  Prices tend to be a little higher than most area pizza places.  I had never been in a Larosa's previously, so I was curious how the quality and experience would stack up to some of the other places I've visited.  The restaurant was very clean, neat and well lit inside.

  We ended up ordering a couple of pizzas, plus a Philly Cheese Steak sub, (hoagie), which I was able to add on to our order at a small discount - $5 instead of $5.99.  I was very impressed with the hoagie, which was one of the better tasting hot subs I've had.

  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of our pizzas before we ate them, so I have no close up to offer this time.  The pizza experience here was decidedly mixed for us.  Toppings were a highlight, with excellent quality, freshness, and especially quantity.  No skimping on toppings in this place!  However, the crust was another story.  1 of our two pizzas was fine, with a decent, crunchy crust.  The second, for whatever reason, had loads of oil on the tray which had soaked into the bottom of the pizza, making the whole thing a soggy mess.  I have no idea why they would have put globs of vegetable oil on the pan like that, but the resulting sogginess of the crust was very, truly disappointing.  This is not to say that we didn't enjoy the pizzas.  We were hungry, we ate more than half of that they gave us, and we took home the rest to eat later.  If this ever happened to me again, though, I would definitely ask them to take the soggy pizza back and make it again.

  Because of this incident, I hesitate to recommend Larosa's.  I think we would have to eat there again to see if this sort of thing happens often.  As it stands right now, I would probably give Larosa's a conditional 6.5 out of 10 review, with the rating going up a notch if the "crust incident" didn't repeat itself on a followup visit.  If any of you have eaten at this establishment, I would be very interested in hearing if you have had a similar experience here.


Larosa's Pizzeria
5 Dayton area locations
hours: Sun.-Thur. 10:30am to 11pm    Fri. & Sat. 10:30am to Midnight
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