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Friday, February 4, 2011


  Have you ever decided to visit a restaurant and almost walked away because you thought it was closed at first?  This is what happened to us at Pepito's.  Walking from the parking lot we tried to enter at the first door, which was locked.  I thought perhaps it was closed, but decided to walk on to the other end of the building, where I found the door open.  From outside, however, everything looked dark.  This business could really benefit from better signage, or a brightly lit sign outside of the main entrance.

  Once inside, we were greeted with a warm, well lit establishment.  We went into the back, away from the bar, and found ourselves a table.  We were in the mood for steak, so I ordered carne ranchera (ranch style beef), which is beef strips with onions and bell peppers.  We also got the Mexican-style New York steak, cooked to order, with rice and beans.  You can see from the photo that it has a lot of pepper.

  I wandered around a bit while waiting for the food to arrive, and discovered that they have karaoke.  If you are into that, you might want to call them to make sure which night they are having it.  They also have a game room in the back, with some sort of bowling video game.  For some reason it let me play a free game, but I was unable to do much more than gutterballs.  That's just a bit worse than I tend to do in real life bowling.  I just couldn't get the hang of using the big 'trackball' to control the ball.

  Both meals arrived with ample portions.  We were raving carnivores, so most of the meat disappeared in short order.  I think that my beef strips were a bit too heavy on the tomato sauce, and the spiciness was enough to make my nose run.  It was still enjoyable, but I did not quite finish it.  Rice and beans were about average.

  Food and service were decent, plus the place was clean.  It was actually a fairly quiet night there.  Waitress didn't pay us too much or too little attention.  Take a look at that menu, though - it still says 513 area code on the front!  If memory serves, I'm pretty sure it was 1996 when Dayton switched to the 937 area code.  I'm guessing they updated the rest of the pages on the menu, but forgot to ever change that.

address: 2412 Catalpa Drive (just north of Hillcrest)  Dayton, OH  45408
telephone: (937) 277-1476

Copyright 2011 Dayton Dining

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