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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hardees - 3 dayton area locations

  I have a love-hate relationship with Hardees.  I love their thick, juicy burgers.  I hate the fact that they swallowed up Burger Chef, which was my favorite fast food place when I was a kid.  You may not have heard of Burger Chef, but in early 1968 they had almost as many restaurants as McDonald's! (914 Burger Chefs vs 970 McDonald's)  McDonald's had the superior marketing and advertising, but not the better burger.  Burger Chef may be gone, but their fantastic mushroom burgers are not forgotten.

  Recently we found ourselves on the way to see a play, and simply drove around looking for a fast food place.  We hadn't eaten at Hardees for a while, so we gave it a try.  Unfortunately, we were in a bit of a hurry to get to a play, so we didn't get to take our time eating as much as we would have liked.

  I decided to get some onion rings, because I typically prefer those to french fries.  I also decided to try one of their new chicken tender wrappers, which sort of looked like a breaded chicken tender in a burrito wrap.  I was also tempted by the Frisco burger, which I came to like while in college, but decided to buy a mushroom & swiss thickburger instead.

  The first thing I noticed was that there were french fries on my tray instead of the onion rings I had ordered.  It took a couple of minutes, but I eventually got my onion rings, plus the french fries for free.  No big deal, except that we were already in a bit of a hurry, and now I had a few minutes less to eat.  The onion rings were what I expected: a step above those offered at many 'mom & pop' ice cream places, but not nearly as good as the ones you find at county fairs.

  I enjoyed the Mushroom & Swiss Thickburger quite a bit, though I think I might give the Frisco Burger an edge over it in taste.  The meat was fine, but surprisingly I didn't taste any pronounced swiss flavor from the cheese.  I felt like it needed a bit of sweetness to it, like some sort of French dressing, but then again, I always put on a lot of catsup, and the original mushroom burger had some sort of sweet red sauce on top.  The bun also seemed a bit lighter than I would have liked.  I think I would have preferred some sort of hearty, denser bread to go along with a "thickburger".

  The new item on the menu was rather unremarkable.  It was certainly edible, and I'd even say it was enjoyable to eat.  However, my first thought when looking at it was that I don't think there was naturally a market for these things.  I really can't imagine that they had a restaurant where customers kept coming in and saying, "Hey, we'd really like to see a chicken tender in a wrap!".  I think instead somebody in management  said, "Hey, we have chicken tenders on the menu - have somebody in advertising figure out another way we can market them!"  Who knows, it may work.

Just for fun, here is some Burger Chef info:

hours: Sun. 7-11, Mon.-Thur. 5-11, Fri. & Sat. 5-Midnight

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  1. When I was in college, I was actually working at a Burger Chef when it was bought out by Hardee's. I agree, I like the Chef better...