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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mel-O-Dee Restaurant, New Carlisle

  You can tell this place has been around a while at first glance due to the sign out front.  The sign itself reminds me a bit of the one in front of the Melody 49 drive-in, or perhaps another in front of the "Route 40 motel" in Columbus.  Plus, the message is cute: "Our food will put a Mel-O-Dee in your Heart!"  Mel-O-Dee Restaurant has been around since 1965 - just a bit over 45 years old at this point.  Back then, many of the visitors may have eaten supper here, then gone across the road to watch a movie at the Park Layne Drive-In, which opened in 1962. (and closed just a few years ago - I have fond memories of watching some movies during the summer there)  Few restaurants around these parts ever make it anywhere near the half century mark, so they must be doing something right.

  When we went in, we were seated by our waitress Arlene, who was very attentive, and reminded me of my Mother.  50's and 60's music was playing very low in the background.  Booth was clean.  We ended up getting both a 16 ounce T-bone steak and a Sirloin Steak, though I was tempted by the seafood choices.  Our order was placed at 1:33, with the food eventually arriving at 1:52.  While we waited, I browsed the menu some more.  I was amused to see that this is the only place I've ever eaten where you can order "Mel-O-Dee Broaster Chicken by the box", and one of those boxes evidently holds 5,000 pieces for $4,999!  That's not a typo on the menu, because they also have 500 and 1,000 pieces listed.  I'm guessing the larger amounts must be for huge parties, but I was envisioning how much of the restaurant would be filled up with a 5,000 piece order.  Sandwich platters are about $6-$7, while most Dinners are $10-$12.  On Mondays they have an all you can eat Broaster Fish deal for $8.69.

  Before the food arrived, they brought us salad and some rye bread.  I always enjoy it when places have more than just basic white bread to offer, and the rye bread was excellent.

  Sweet corn was extra sweet and juicy.  Salad was basic, but sliced tomato was ripe.  Steamed cabbage was very tender and good with some butter and salt on it.  Hash brown casserole was tasty and actually browned, like the name implies it should be.

  Now, on to the meat.  I'm not sure I would qualify the cut I received as a "choice" t-bone steak, it seemed a little more like select to me, but then again, I wasn't exactly expecting USDA prime.  It was overall quite good, with a few gristly areas next to the bone, and not over or underdone.

  Special thanks to Arlene, who was a fantastic waitress.  When our youngest got rather energetic, she even took him off our hands and showed him off to the other waitresses for a few minutes, to give us a little quiet time to finish our meal.

address: 2350 South Dayton-Lakeview Rd. (235) New Carlisle, east side of street
telephone: 849-1378
hours: 6am to 10pm every day

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  1. You went to Melodee for a steak? You really are a Yuppie!!

  2. Wishing I had a bowl of their excellent coleslaw right now. I was in the area last weekend an did not get to stop in, big mistake. I will be back thru soon and will plan to eat all my meals in the Melodee. Grew up in Park Layne and love the idea that this place is still there and still serving great food.