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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Coupon Roundup #2

  It's the Christmas season, and what do folks think of around this time of year?  Coupons, of course!  Well, at least you do when there is an amazing pile of them in your mailbox.  I'm sharing a few of the better ones that don't expire for a bit, have decent savings, and don't say anything about no copies or duplicates.

  But first, I thought I'd share that it's a "Love Boat" Christmas.  That's right, I have been enjoying the first half of the very first season - 1977 - thanks to a DVD from the Dayton Metro Library.  Surprisingly, the show holds up really well, and is funny!  It ran for 10 full seasons.  The library had several copies of the first half of the first season, but not the second half of the first season. (which includes the very first TV movie that launched the show)  Dayton Dining has gone ahead and donated 4 copies of 'Season One Volume Two' to the library, on behalf of the people of Dayton.  It typically takes several months to add videos to the catalog, so in the meantime, you can find the first half here:

Love Boat DVD @ Dayton Metro Library

  Now , on to the coupons!
(my apologies for any ghost images, I think I've figured out how to solve that problem with my scanner next time)

I like the 1/4 off 2 sandwiches

      That 25% off 2 meals is pretty decent
(I suggest trying the nachos if you visit)

  Can't complain about saving $5

Not a lot off as a percentage, but for a place with a
lot of selection, this already one of the most
reasonably priced buffets in the area

This place specializes in Eastern European foods
lunch is very reasonable, and $2.50 off makes
it even better

For 250 items, $6.29 seems like a good deal for a lunch buffet.  Add the $1 off coupon, and you're paying just over 5 bucks.

A couple of 20% off coupons
Sunday brunch buffet for $7.95

Fantastic deal on Mondays, buy 1 get 1 free
the coupons are roughly 30% off

I've heard the lobster bites are good
but I'm most interested in the "2 can
dine for $9.99" deal

Even without the coupons, this place is a good deal.  I'm glad to see one back in the area.  They have great dessert pizzas, and if you ask they'll make 1 to order for no extra charge.

Lots of ~ 20% off deals
haven't tried this place yet, but the
pulled pork sure looks good

 Oh, here's another coupon deal if you like the idea of free french fries at Wendy's:
Wendy's French Fries  note that this requires installation of the coupon printer
 (if link isn't working, the Wendy's website also features a link - limit 2 coupons)

 Burger King is also running a promotion through Jan. 16 for buy 1 get 1 free original chicken sandwich.
No coupon is required.

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