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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dayton Gems First Home Game Hara Arena

  I just went to the first home game (technically an exhibition) for the Dayton Gems hockey 2010-2011 season at Hara Arena. Had a great time! While the Gems lost to the Fort Wayne Komets in their first away game a couple of days ago, they really came back to beat them tonight, 6 to 1. There were plenty of fights, and if you enjoy watching folks get smashed really hard into glass about 2 feet in front of your face, you wouldn't have gone home disappointed. There were about 350-400 people in attendance. I would have thought more folks would have showed up, since it was only $5 for the night, or half the regular ticket price. Also, there was no $5 parking fee. I have to say, I think it is a big mistake for Hara to charge this fee, which will make the true cost of 1 person going to a game there $15. $7-$10 or so would be a lot more reasonable, and would get many more folks in the door regularly, buying food and other items. A parking fee just convinces a lot more folks to stay home.

  Here's a photo of the Gems mascot Blade. My wife thinks that they should have gone with something like a miner with a pickaxe and a bag of gems hanging from his belt. I agree - fuzzy tiger seems a bit out of place. Maybe it will grow on us. I have to admit I enjoyed the decent number of fights during the game. However, Fort Wayne's #23 went overboard. I've NEVER seen a player hold his stick up with both hands, then use it to come down hard on the back of the neck of an opposing player who was skating away from him. Although the refs missed it, I certainly wasn't the only one to see it, so I wasn't surprised to see several Dayton players do a group body slam of #23 against the wall as payback afterwards.

  I suppose I should mention something at least peripherally food related here on this entry, so here you go. At the Hara food service court, we got what they called a "Polish Sausage", a root beer, and nachos with cheese & salsa. Total cost was about $12. I really thought they made a mistake and gave me a hot dog - because it looked just like a hot dog. However, the lady assured me that the hot dogs were much smaller, so I guess I got the right item. It tasted good enough, but I think I would have preferred a mettwurst or bratwurst. It would be nice to have a few more choices. Root Beer was decent and nothing unexpected. Nachos were another thing altogether - a big disappointment. We thought they might be stale at first, but perhaps the chips were just a different texture than we expected. The real issue though was the cheese sauce - very bland, and reminded me of a huge can I bought once at a "big box store". Now that store may no longer have the watered down stuff I once got there, but my huge can stayed in the fridge for months, only used a couple of times. This stuff was even worse than that. Really, Hara - people are paying 4 bucks for this stuff, and you need to have a better nacho cheese sauce, with at least a little flavor to it. Not necessarily spiciness - just good cheese flavor. The salsa was a little too spicy for me, but what is new on that front. It was nice to see a few chunky peppers and onions in there, however.

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  1. thanks for this! it was good to have a heads up on the snack 'offerings' for our first dayton gems hockey night, saturday the 16th.
    i must admit, the pretzels are tasty - perhaps not near $4 tasty, but fresh, warm and generously salted.
    if you can get past the heavy oils, the 2 slices of pizza for under $8 are cut large and packed with pepperoni. the crust was reminiscent of a digiorno(frozen box pizza)but the red sauce was savory(i was happy it was not like ketchup on cardboard).
    the children around us seemed pleased with the hot cocoa and cotton candy, and the beer vendor was kept especially busy.
    i agree with your commentary, everything costs far more than it should. the parking fee IS completely ridiculous, especially when the parking attendant has no clue to direct newcomers to which building has the hockey event.