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Saturday, August 7, 2010

El Cazador Mexican Restaurant & Cantina Englewood

  Here's a quick review of a place we tried for lunch Friday.  El Cazador is a Mexican place on the North side of National Road (40) that has lunch specials starting at under $5.

  We got there right at the end of the lunch time, so the restaurant was not busy at all.  There were two TV's located at different ends of the dining room.  Thankfully, their volumes were turned down to the point where they were not intrusive.  I'll give them a plus for having appropriate ethnic music playing in the background.  Another plus because they brought some tortilla chips & salsa right out, and the salsa was not too spicy for me.

    We decided on a #9 special, which is an enchilada, chalupa and quesadilla, as well as the Burritos Tipicos - 2 burritos with beef tips, guacamole salad, rice & beans.  I'm guessing it was because it was going on 3 in the afternoon, with only us and another table, but they were able to get our food out to us in only about 8 or 9 minutes.  I was surprised at how prompt it was - and how hot the plates were.  There are lots of places that will warn you that the plates are hot, but you could really get a severe burn on these.

  I guess I'll describe the food in the order I ate it: the cheese quesadilla was very buttery and crisp - a delightful beginning.  The chalupa was perhaps my favorite, with lots of guacamole.  The enchilada was mild and flavorful, but not really extraordinary in any way.  I tasted my wife's beef tip burrito, and the beef tips were so succulent that they must have been slow cooked for quite a while.  She was a little disappointed with the rice, though.

  Service was good, and the server brought the bill to us very promptly, so no waiting on our part when we were ready to leave.

Location: 555 W. National Road (route 40, north side, just west of Union Road)
telephone: 836-5004
open 7 days a week

Update: here are some coupons for El Cazador I just found in a flier we got in the mail.  They range from "$2 off lunch" (off your SECOND lunch - a little confusing) all the way up to "save $10 when you spend $50".  There's no photocopy disclaimer, so these should be accepted with no trouble.

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