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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Coupon Roundup!

  Here are a few of the coupon offers I've received in the mail over the past couple of weeks.  Note that none of them say anything about photocopy restrictions, so you should be able to print and use without any trouble.

Various Arby's (I like the buy 1, get 1)

  Domino's - 2 large 2 topping for under $15 is pretty good

  Old Hickory Barbecue  $5 off

  Kentucky Fried Chicken - buy 8 piece bucket,
     get another 8 pieces free.  Note that this is not     actually a coupon, it is just an ongoing offer at 2 Dayton area locations, and it is ONLY good on Mondays.  Call them to find out how long this will be offered.

Lee's - miscellaneous deals on buckets and more

Marion's Piazza - Looks like you can't get the $1.90 pizza for their 45th anniversary, but at least the lines will be back to normal.  25% off is a great discount.

Oscar's - save anywhere from $1.50 on up to 8 bucks depending on the meal, and how many dining

Subway - free 6" sub if you buy 1 and a drink

  That's it for our first coupon roundup!  If you come across one that is a great deal, it doesn't say "no photocopies", and you'd like to share, be sure to send it to me at
Please try to save as a jpeg, and compress to 300k or less if you can.

see    for a free Windows 7/Vista/XP image resizer utility
        click download, and go with 32-bit unless you're sure you have 64-bit copy of Windows

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