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Friday, June 25, 2010

Artisans Cafe, Clayton

  This morning, we decided to visit Artisans Cafe in Clayton.  Billed as a healthy place to eat, with vegan and vegetarian meals, I really wondered if I would find a lot to enjoy there, or if the meal would be filling.  We arrived just before 9:30 in the morning, and were the only folks there at the time.

  Here's the fellow who prepares the food, Chef Jim Shipley.  You can also see some of the artwork on the wall behind him.  Yes, that's why it is called Artisans Cafe - you can purchase any of the featured artwork on the walls.  Click to read a bit of history about the restaurant, why it was started, and what makes it different from other places to eat.  In a nutshell, if you don't want the details, they moved to their current, larger location just under two years ago.  The owners serve tasty and healthy food because they grew a lot of fruit and vegetables, and realized people were not healthy in part due to poor diets.  Nothing in the restaurant is fried.

  Here is what you'll see inside the restaurant - the layout and tables.  In the back, there is a piano that is available to anyone who can play.  Live music is provided on many Friday and Saturday evenings (check the website's event calendar) and there are also occasional art gallery receptions.

  My wife and I both ordered the Quiche breakfast special, which is a slice of quiche, fresh fruit cup, bread or muffin, and coffee, tea or pop.  I got the bacon quiche and a carrot muffin, while my wife got spinach quiche and a lemon ginger scone.  The quiche was very good, cheesy with a thin and light crust - appropriately cheesy, eggs uniform, and light to medium salty.  My muffin had pieces of carrot and raisin, was very moist and sweet.  My wife said the scone was excellent, and the coffee very good.  They also let us have a taste of what they called "strawberry, cantaloupe & melon soup", which I have to say tasted just like a fruit smoothie to me - good, but not what I'd call a soup.  The only slight negative that I could point to was the fruit cup - one of my pieces of pineapple was obviously the core, and very hard to chew.  I also think the meal might have benefited from some soft classical background music.

  If you like finer dining, you might also be interested in their Tuesday night suppers.  During the month of June, for example, on different nights they featured Native American, Korean, Puerto Rican, Sicilian and Norwegian meals - some prepared by Chef Jim, and others by visiting chefs.  Adults are $20.

address: 8351 N. Main St.  Clayton (on the West side of Main Street, (48)
              in the South side of Randolph Plaza)
hours: Sunday 10AM - 2PM, Mon. - Sat. 8AM - 8:30PM
telephone: 937-890-5250

half price gift certificates (limited number) :
(note: if you have an Entertainment Book 2010, there is a buy 1 get 1 free offer)

Dayton Dining

Update August 15:
  We enjoyed another nice breakfast at this place this weekend.  I found out that next month they are going to be featuring food from Monty Python during one of their nicer evening meals.  Also, check out their "Passport" program.  If you go to one of the special evening dinners, you can get a punch for the continent that meal was from.  Get all the continents punched, and you can go for free to one of the $40 meals they feature every 6 months.

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