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Monday, February 22, 2010

Thai 9, off 5th street, Oregon District (downtown)

{I ended up eating with some friends at a restaurant I recently reviewed, and once a month seems enough for any restaurant. So without further ado, here is our first guest blogger with a review of Thai9!}

Mrs. Dayton Dining and her mother went out to lunch at Thai Nine this week before catching a show, Wicked, at the Schuster Center in Downtown Dayton. They ordered two noodle dishes and some sushi. There was plenty of food left over for a second meal.The dishes ordered were: Pad Sea Ewe $6.50 (rice noodles stir fried with pork, carrots, broccoli, baby corn, & egg), Yaki Soba $8.50 (stir fried noodles with vegetables and shrimp), and the Brown Street Combo (3 tuna rolls, 3 salmon rolls, and 3 California rolls). The waitress gave the option of getting the noodle dishes more or less spicy on a scale of 0-9. This day they ordered the Pad Sea Ewe as a 2 and the Yaki Soba as a 4. The 2 turned out to be just a little spicy and the 4 turned out to be more spicy than expected, but still pretty good eats. Neither dish left the dinners panting for mercy, begging for milk which has been the case with some other Thai restaurants they have tried.

One lady’s meal started with Thai iced tea, which was served with sugar and cream. It was delightfully rich and creamy - almost a dessert. The other lady went for hot green tea. The lunches came with salad, which didn’t add anything to the meal. There were some ripe cherry tomatoes and a pleasant house onion sauce, but mostly it was boring, iceberg lettuce. There was plenty of other, more authentic, more Oriental food.

The Brown Street Combo came with miso soup. This bland soup serves as a foil to the potentially dangerously spicy dishes on the table. The main dishes were all very tasty. The ladies were a little afraid that the fish would be too strong, but the tuna, salmon, and seaweed wrap were very mild and fresh. Ginger and wasabi were available on the side for the more adventuresome eaters. The noodle dishes were well browned and fully flavored.

The waitress and water boy were attentive when appropriate and absent when appropriate. Even though it was a midday on a Thursday the place was fairly full by 11:50 a.m. Eating at Thai Nine was a satisfying experience and one to recommend to Daytonians and out of towners alike.

UPDATE: Through March 7, show your Wicked ticket and get 10% off your food!

Atmosphere: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Food: 4.75/5

Thai 9 Hours: Lunch M-F 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM Supper Sun-Thur 5-9:30 PM Fri-Sat 5-9 PM

Website: (includes menu)

Address: 11 Brown Street (East side, just off of Fifth Street in the Oregon District)

Telephone: 222-3227

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