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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tank's Bar & Grill, ~4 minutes se of downtown

Tank’s Bar & Grill

I’ve actually eaten at Tank’s a couple of times in the past, though it has been a while. Since it was a cold day today, and I had to shovel off the 9” of snow that fell last night, some hot food sounded good.

Tank’s has been around since 1987 – 23 years and counting. It is one of only a couple of places to eat near the intersections of Wayne, Wilmington and Stewart streets – east of the U.D. area, and roughly 4 minutes southeast of downtown. Although this area might not come up at the top of your list of food destinations, it is worth a try, since they serve American fare at reasonable prices.

When entering, I noticed several dirigibles overhead, as well as a car hood suspended from the ceiling. The decor is colorful and all over the place in a rather amusing sort of way. There are several video games, a jukebox, and a “Mars Attacks” pinball game that I could probably spend several hours on. Even at 4 in the afternoon with the streets in rather bad shape, the place was bustling and quite loud.

I looked over the breakfast menu, but realized that it was long past the time they serve breakfast. At first I was tempted by the Reuben, then the Tankburger, but I realized that I wasn’t that hungry. My daughter ordered the cheeseburger, I got a bowl of their “Road Kill” chili, and we also got an order of batter fried ‘shrooms’ as an appetizer.

The fried mushrooms were brought out about 8 minutes after we placed our order. The ranch sauce went well with them, and they were definitely better than average. I’d give them an 8 out of 10. About 18 minutes after we placed our order, the burger and chili arrived. Chili had a number of larger pieces of meat, but most of it was finely ground into the mixture. Now I can’t stand spicy hot chili, and at first I thought that I wouldn’t be able to eat much of it, because it tasted spicy. However, unlike many of the other places I’ve eaten, the spiciness does not linger or have a cumulative effect the more you eat. The cheeseburger is a full 1/3 pound of ground chuck, and came with potato chips & a dill pickle wedge. My daughter wasn’t able to eat more than half, so I gave it a taste as well. It was excellent and very thick – I’d have to give it a 9.5 out of 10. Next time I think I’ll try either the BLT or the Tankburger.

Tank’s Bar & Grill
Address: 2033 Wayne Ave. Dayton, Ohio 45410
Telephone: 252-2249
Hours: Bar open daily 7 AM to 2:30 AM
Breakfast M-F 7 – 10:30 AM Sat. 7– Noon Sun. 8 AM – 1 PM

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  1. Their breakfasts are extraordinary. They serve enormous omelettes. If you are not game for a huge omelette you can order a "girlie size" instead of regular! Some people are VERY loyal to their breakfasts. Although I have never taken the bus myself, I see that they have a bus that will take fans from the Dayton Dragons games to the bar. They also have hearty fries with the skins on. I don't care for this style myself, but there are plenty of other American dishes to try.

  2. Was there for the first time last week. Had a turkey reuben. It was awesome. FYI-The waitress said they now serve breakfast anytime.

  3. I have been gone from Dayton nine years now. I still think Tanks is the best value in good, hearty bar food and the BEST TASTING ever. Best wings outside of Buffalo and I lived there for twenty years! Thanks, Tanks. When I get back to Dayton, I'll stop by and say hi.