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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hometown Buffet 745 Lyons Rd. (Washington Park Plaza)

Once in a while, you're hungry enough to eat several plates of food, but perhaps you can't make up your mind about what type of restaurant to visit. (Italian, Mexican, seafood?) Or, perhaps you have a group, and not everyone enjoys the same kinds of food. In these cases, a Buffet is called for. Today, my cousin and I visited Hometown Buffet east of the Dayton Mall. We ended up getting the regular lunch buffet for $8.66, including tax.

This buffet is mid sized - certainly not the largest or smallest I've been to. However, there is a good variety, and the food quality is better than I expected. I couldn't resist starting out with one of my favorites, and something I haven't often seen at buffets - grilled cheese sandwiches. I enjoyed it enough to go back for seconds. I also decided to try a marinated steamed summer squash, and was pleasantly surprised at the good flavor. From there, I proceeded to try the lean barbecue chicken, some baked fish, sweet sesame chicken, and penne pasta with ham. The barbecue chicken was very succulent and moist, with a flavoring that was not overly hot or sweet. The baked fish was rather mild, and though decent, I think that it was a bit overpowered by the other flavorful choices on my plate. The sweet sesame chicken was just what I was looking for along the lines of a bit of Asian cuisine. However, the best surprise turned out to be the penne pasta with ham, which had a buttery sauce. I probably could have enjoyed a full meal of that one alone.

The salad bar is about what you might expect, with a decent selection of fruits, vegetables, dressings and items like pea salad, and bacon and broccoli salad. Drinks are included in the buffet, and choices range from chocolate milk to lemonade, and many varieties of pop, including cherry coke.

Big Positives: The silverware was clean, and used plates were promptly cleared from our table. Nearly all of the selections were clearly labeled. Unlike some of the other buffets I've visited, there were no empty or nearly empty selections which remained that way for any significant amount of time, which meant no waiting to have full access to all of the selections. One server even came by to ask if we wanted some cinnamon rolls.

Location: 745 Lyons Rd. Centerville, Ohio 45459 telephone: 937-438-3075
Hours: Sun 8-8, M-Th 11-8:30, F-S 11-9 (Washington Park Plaza)
"Genres" Seafood, Italian, American, Mexican, Salad Bar, Soup, dessert
Breakfast Buffet on weekends, endless soup & salad $5 for lunch weekdays
Deal: currently on the website, sign up for "eclub" and get a buy 1, get 1 free coupon

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